This is for couples only, so you must have a partner. It will be intense, transformative and sexy as hell, so be ready to go there. This focuses on the mystical side of Tantra, you will see luminous energy multidimensional aspect and deeper into your partners being, so bring someone your into like that. Only about as much physical contact as a lap dance is required and can be done with the clothes on. Though if you want to do more, we hold space for that. Wear comfortable clothes, bring water and any things that make you feel sensual and romantic. I bring the magick, candles, incense, and music.

Explore creating a mystical connection with your partner, experiencing them on a deep energetic level, and making love on a luminous and magical plain of awareness deep in the essence of the universe! There’s nothing sexier than being fully alive inside and present in the higher dimensional realms of light with someone your really into. If this is the kind of thing that turns you on, this is definitely for you!

Step 1. Being there.
Shift your attention into multidimensional energy realms. You will actually see energy as light colors and shifting reality.

Step 2. Be there with your partner
Create an otherworldly connection. Experience them in the realms of light, multidimensionally, in other lifetimes and deeper aspect of their being, while being experienced in this way by them.

Step 3. Interacting
Interact on these levels by engaging in specific exercises that show you how to project and receive this ecstatic energy with each other just using your mind and your feelings.

Step 4. Using your body as a channel
Bring your body back into the game by using it to channel and receive these energies, while maintaining a powerful awareness of the energy aspect of your connection.

Step 5. Play
Free-form play with your partner. We hold space for whatever level you want to take your play to.

Everyone must pre-register as space is limited, only 10 couples will be accepted. Your spot is secured once you’ve paid. PM me for the payment link

$50 per couple


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