Are you ready to do something truly extraordinary with the power of this Winter Solstice? Have you always wanted to see and work with energy as a tangible substance, and channel it in various ways? I guarantee you will or your money back! You will literally see the light, shifting multidimensional reality, past lives and other wondrous phenomena!

In this 2 hour workshop we will cover various meditation techniques, and an in-depth overview of all the subjects we cover in the full 3 month Mastery program. Why they are relevant to mastering the metaphysical realm, and a few basic ways to apply them along with some techniques.

Subjects include tapping into the elements, power days, power places, creating sacred space, Dharma, karma, directing the mind and spell casting, physical conductivity, divination, empowering objects, empathic communication and cultivating your inner circle.

Class size will be limited to 10 people to give focused attention. So make sure you register to reserve your spot. Registration is complete upon payment. Private message me for the registration link, which you will receive if there is a spot left.


“Ariane and her team of facilitators lovingly guide each class into Light, allowing individuals to discover their own magical abilities in a free form, non-judgmental environment. The 12-week mastery program allowed me to deepen and strengthen my personal and professional practices. Namely; I learned new techniques for going into Light, enhanced my ability to shape-shift and alter my reality through dreaming, and expanded my notions of and ability to interpret energy. The results have been astounding. If you wish to delve deeper into your own magic and explore the infinite possibilities within, I highly recommend the Metaphysical Mastery course.”
Sheri Wilson

 “I have to say, still being a greenhorn even at my age, this new world of the metaphysical is an incredible journey!
I originally went because all other attempts at dealing with PTSD without resorting to meds had not helped. My very first visit I was not sceptical but had an open mind, here I thought it was just group meditation but I learned I was delightfully wrong! The visions, shapes, colors, and just the inner sights and journeys I took in this state was mind-blowing at the least! I could almost say it’s an LSD trip without the LSD! Of course, I’m only going by the perception of what an LSD trip is! So now immersed into this amazing experience, I was invited to the Mastery course, and I have to say it expanded my mind by leaps and bounds! Arianne and her assistant Mike is very well versed and lighthearted, yet disciplined in the craft and are just a delight to learn from!
Trust me when I say you will be in such a state after a session the only way to describe it is “auragasmic!”
Ray Grossman

“I came upon the Metaphysical Mastery program when I was looking for this exact “type of thing” so I knew I was meant to take it. I go just about my whole day now implementing something I learned from the course. A few of the things it’s taught me how to do that I use most are how to hold space, how to hold myself in light, something I do for all situations many of which previous would’ve overwhelmed me, but now are easily managed with the practice. There are several others things I now have learned as a direct result of the course. I know I am far more conscious and empowered thanks to Ariane, Mike, and Lola!”

Francesco Carter

“It was through this class that I learned light can be felt, rather than merely just seen. This insight alone was mind-blowing, and it was far from the only thing that was.

Layer by layer I began learning about myself through meditating through different chakras. As a result of my heightened intuition, I began to pinpoint where I mostly stored stress (lower & upper spine).

Through eye gazing meditation, I felt & saw clear transformations & younger/older/alternate versions of the same individuals.

In one exercise, I imagined myself forming an energetic spiral in the air, only for my classmate Sheri to inform me she was doing the same exact thing afterwards. Whether you know it or not, your brain picks up other signals, & that’s the gateway to inspiration in & of itself.

I’ve learned the depth of tolerance, empathy & the true nature of love through Ariane & her staff. What most people think of love & what it actually is are completely different, & it’s truly indescribable in nature due to having it be felt. And it’s after having meditated with Ariane & her staff that I began to heal emotional wounds & develop heightened awareness.

This course’s influence has strengthened my sense of intuition in my work as an astrologer. It helped me advise clients by intuitively tailoring my readings accordingly & actually seeing how they fit the chart itself, rather than having it dictate who they (the client) are.

I highly recommend the Metaphysical Mastery curriculum.”

Terrence Stone

“Above all, metaphysical mastery for me has helped me to integrate and ground so many otherwise overwhelming awakening experiences and anchored me to group of heart centered individuals of a mystical mindset so that I be myself with greater joy. I was lead to Ariane and phenovibe to help me in my personal evolution, and I could not be more grateful. In addition to learning so much about the way energy works in the world through first hand experience, the personal energy work through chakra empowerments has helped me to heal my self image and heal many past memories that were stored in my energy body and I am a more functional and more inspired individual because of it. The practice of meditation has lead me to greater clarity and creativity and communing with light on a daily basis is putting me on the fast track to living my life purpose. I am so fortunate to have this rich practice in my life and I look forward to the next level!”

Alexandra Poole

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